ITM Group



ITM is a commercial and manufacturing enterprise, founded by a group of partners with wide- ranging experience in the field.

ITM Group is a company involved in producing and selling equipment and providing companies with the services they need, on the basis of the quality standards laid down in our conracts.

ITM’s Group highly qualified, experienced staff make it a modern, flexible, reliable and competitive company that aims first and foremost at maintaining the highest possible quality standardsù

Whom it refers to

We work in a wide range of sectors, including the chemical industry, petrolchemicals, the gas industry, the conventional energy sector, the nuclear energy industry and trasport.


ITM designs and plans components and plants that meet a range of international standards, such as ASME, DIN, AFNOR, AD MERKBLATT, CSA, GOST, etc.

Our highly qualified staff provide for design through wellperforming computer programs with mechanical models.

In addition, ITM can produce or manage the manufacturing of components and products such as:

  • BW and SW fittings for welding
  • forged and rolled steel products
  • welded and non-welded tubes
  • flanges
  • ball valve s, butterfly valves, sluice valves and safety valves
  • control system, flow meters, load measuring equipment, thermocouplings, and control panels
  • slincers and filters
  • foam, powder, and water-based fire fighting system
  • heat exchangers, stills, launch and receiving traps, tanks and special components
  • large-scale tanks and reactors
  • electrical components
  • inspecion and testing
  • destrutcive and non-destructive tests
  • help in obtaining ISO 9000 and ISO 1400 certification
  • training and certifyng personnel involved in non-destructive tests.